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I'm a brony, no surprise considering my favs folder. I'm also a Transformers fanů do we have a fandom name? If not I'd go with robro, thanks Sideswipe. So I guess that makes me a robrony? Anyways I'd figure with all the MLP/Transformers crossover art, fic, and videos I should take a crack at it. Using generalzoi's pony creator -> I made my own version of what I think the Autobots would look like as ponies.

As for now the Decepticons will not be included in this lineup, but I might change that idea in the future.

Now for those wondering if I will be including the Dinobots, I will not. My main argument being Grimlock would view a pony form as weak, pathetic, disrespectful to his team's power, and I think he would rather let his beast mode go feral then be some brightly colored organic.

These Transformers are based off of the Aligned continuity ->…. This universe consist High Moon Studio's War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron games, Alex Irvine's prequel novel Exodus, and the Hub's Prime and Rescue Bots cartoons.

In the High Moon games the Autobots and Decepticons exhibit glowing red and purple sections on their bodies to indicate faction. This will be implemented as red and purple highlights on their manes and tails.

For those who haven't played Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, what's keeping you? Anyways, the Ark and Nemesis (Autobot and Decepticon ships) passes into the Spacebridge as it becomes unstable, and the portal closes the end! ->…. Now in a scene on Jazz's level Shockwave mentions the Spacebridge opens a portal through space and time. What if that portal during its last moments was randomly picking eras and destinations without anyone on both ships knowing about it? That instead of sending them to prehistoric Earth they are sent to modern day Equestria (pick your MLP FiM season).

After establishing first contact with the ponies, Princess Celestia/Luna/Cadence or Twilight uses a spell that enchants their t-cogs (A bio-mechanism that allows a Transformer to scan alt modes, transform, and operate their built-in weapon systems) to give them either a fully organic or techno-organic pony forms, basically making the triple-changers. How they change forms would be like how the Maximals in Beast Machines transform (minus the whole "I am transformed" gimmick) with size and mass shifting when converting between forms (like what G1 Soundwave and Megatron do). This would allow the Autobots to interact with the ponies without causing mass panic or awkward situations due to their size and hide their energy signatures from Decepticon sensors, unless the cons know what the bots look like.

As for what type of pony the Autobots would be is based on their vehicle modes. There will be NO ALICORNS in this lineup! It would be contradictory that they're robots in disguise and they adopt a form commonly viewed as royalty.

Earth: Cars and trucks

Pegasus: Jets

Unicorn: Tanks

As for equipment (cloaker, healing ray, deflector barrier, etc.) they would be enchanted amulets or bracelets while others are steampunk based technology.

As per deviantART policy -> these will be uploaded into my Scrapbook.

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